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7,779 Square Foot Building is Protected with LTS IP Solutions

January 01, 2018, | by


The town of Shark River Hill was hit by Hurricane Sandy, wiping out two marina buildings and displaced boats all throughout the town. Four years later, a new facility has been built to provide service for boaters and the public. Read on to see how Shark River Hill Municipal Marina keeps their customer's safe!

Cake Boss Keeps Carlo’s Bake Shop Secure

October 01, 2013, | by D. Craig MacCormack

Security Cam Depot has been an unofficial security partner for celebrity baker’s ever-growing retail empire.

‘Cake Boss’ Served Sweet Security Solution

By Scott Goldfine · May 31, 2012


TV’s “Cake Boss,” Buddy Valastro, wasn’t about to settle for half-baked security when it came to safeguarding his new 60,000-square-foot, multipurpose warehouse in New Jersey. As is his way, the celebrity mixed the perfect ingredients of integrator, supplier, and products to cook up a delectable IP video and intrusion solution.

Interlogix Case Study: Carlo's Bakery

Power Creative / Interlogix / Joy Curtiss June 1, 2012

Smart House: Meet 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro, but not at his high-tech abode

By Kimberly L. Jackson/The Star-Ledger on July 01, 2011

“You get spoiled,” Valastro says. “You become very reliant on the system.” His wife agrees. Asked her favorite feature, Lisa Valastro responds emphatically, “Being able to see what my kids are doing.”

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