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Thanks for the great camera system that you put in! When our facility was robbed I called you and you came right down right away and helped fix the cameras that they damaged. You also burned all the DVDs for the police of all the video footage of the thieves in action. Without that footage, the police would never have caught them but thanks to the system they did! Thanks again for a great system.


Mike, C.A.M


We are extremely pleased with all the hard work that Lou put in to help us feel more secure. Before we agreed to install the system, he took his time, explained it all and patiently answered every question we threw at him. He arrived on time and completed the very challenging installation in one day. He could not have been more professional, patient and conscientious of our needs. He has since followed up with a few calls to check in... you can't ask for better customer service.

Thanks to Security Cam Depot, your the best!


Steve, Asbury Park


Thanks, Lou...

we caught the thieves! The detective I was working within the Asbury Police Dept said that our security camera system and the video evidence it provided us with was "the best he has ever seen" He also mentioned how his "job would be so much easier if everyone had a system like this" The camera system really paid for itself when it helped us catch multiple shoplifters in the act. I highly recommend Security Cam Depot and his services.





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